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《The Dark Gallery》
My favorite chocolate shop. I always eat ice cream there:) We can choose from each cacao level of chocolate ice cream or other flavors.

My choice was
– Signature 80% Dark Chocolate
– Dulcey 32% White Chocolate
+Waffle bowl
+2 toppings
(Salted caramel sause, caramelized almonds)

I love the combination of high cacao ice cream and white chocolate ice cream. In addition, waffle bowl and 2 toppings makes it gorgeous and delicious:) I’m happy to have this ice cream at Funan mall as 3rd shop in Singapore!!
City / Country: Singapore
Place: The Dark Gallery
Address: Funan Mall, #01-14
107 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 179105
– Double Scoop 9.5 SGD
Add Waffle Bowl 1 SGD
Add 2 Toppings 1 SGD
2019 Sep